Maximus Elrod

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Maximus Elrod is a minion of good who fights against the forces of Evil. His alignment is Chaotic Good, which doesn’t mean he believes in chaos, he believes that the Law should not get in the way of the Greater Good. The wicked must be destroyed by any means necessary.
Like most rangers he has a great appreciation of Nature and all its beauty. He worships the Goddess Ehlonna, but because of his recent experiences with a valkyrie named Struuva, he has gained an appreciation of the Norse Gods and Odin.
He has been adventuring with the group known as GroundZero for several years now. Jebediah Archangel asked him to join the group. He agreed in exchange for two custom designed long swords.
Unlike most rangers, Maximus fights with a long sword in each hand during melee combat. How is this possible… he’s only human. Lots of footwork.

Maximus’ favorite adventure moment: Throwing a lake at the Drow army.


Maximus was born to Madrid and June Elrod. A farming family in the lands to the west. He’s the third of seven children. Like many lads, he had problems focusing on his chores and often wandered off into the woods to explore. One day he found an odd set of tracks that passed near the farm, so he decided to follow them. Two miles later he found Boregard. Boregard was 12th Level Ranger relaxing by his campfire. The Ranger asked the lad what he was doing so far from home. Maximus answered that he was following some weird tracks.
“What was so weird about them?” asked Boregard
“They looked like deer tracks, but they were too light.”
Boregard was impressed with the lad’s tracking ability and attention to detail. Boregard asked him what else he knew about the woods and Maximus unloaded a plethora of information. Clearly the boy was not interested in farming.
Boregard explained to Maximus that he would be happy to teach Maximus all sorts of woodland stuff. The young lad liked the idea, but was afraid his parents wouldn’t like it. He often got in trouble for neglecting his chores and this would be more reason for him not to do farm work.
Boregard gave Maximus a task. He wanted Maximus to find a specific flower south of the farm. He didn’t tell him the name, he only described it. He was only to search for the flower after his chores were done. “In three days I will stop by your house. If you can show me the flower, I will talk to your parents on your behalf.” Maximus agreed.
Three days later, Boregard came by the house and Maximus presented the Ranger with the flower in a potted plant in perfect condition. Boregard spoke to Madrid and June and asked to take Maximus out from time to time and teach him the woods. Madrid was kind of relieved with the offer. He was tired of struggling with the undisciplined youth. Maximus’ oldest brother Michael was furious. He felt Maximus wasn’t pulling his weight around the house.
Maximus spent more and more time away from the farm. Then around the age of 14 he didn’t come back.

The Incursion of the Giants

Boregard was often hired as a scout. Maximus stuck close to his side and learned the ways of a Ranger. During armed conflicts he was to hide. This taught him how to camouflage himself, move silently and avoid detection.

Eventually he began to learn how to handle a sword. Boregard explained to his apprentice that he’s a Ranger not a Soldier. Soldiers don’t have to think, Rangers do. Around the age of 17 Boregard began hiring Maximus out to interested parties as a scout and tracker. His tracking abilities got him hired for other jobs. His skills improved and he often proved himself to be a competent fighter.

Maximus came of age in the Great War during the Incursion of the Giants. During the Incursion of the Giants, Maximus fought with a single long sword. He liked the idea of fighting with two short swords, but found it to be awkward. Since he was good enough with one sword he didn’t worry about it. Maximus never realized how good he’d become with the sword. He often did as well as the soldiers he fought with who used sword and shield. During the war he and mentor, Boregard, were reunited and they often worked together.

Maximus Elrod

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