Lossien Matandra

Honored Knight of the Hart and sibling to Kymballah


Lossian Matandra, sibling to Kymballah Mahallah Matandra

Cavalier Level 13, Grey Elf, Lawful Neutral
HP 112 AC -5 [elfin chain +3 (2), shield +3 (-4), dex (-3)]

Str 18/50 1 to hit,3 damage)
Int 15
Wis 15
Dex 17 +2 to hit, -3 ac bonus
Con 15 +1 HP/hit die
Cha 16
Com 14

Longbow +1 (lance-equivalent, elf; +5 to hit, +11 damage, 4/rd)
Longsword +3 (dbl-spec, weapon of choice, elf; +10 to hit, +9 damage, 3/rd)
Horseman’s Mace (weapon of choice; +4 to hit, +3 damage, 3/rd)

Paral/Pois/Death 5
Petrify/Polymorph 6
Rod/Staff/Wand 7
Breath 5
Spell 8

90% immune to mind-affecting stuff (cavalier)
90% immune to sleep and charm (elf)

Pouch of accessibility with probably most normal gear
Ring of Truth (pretty much always worn;
Horseshoes of the Zephyr (on his horse, which is elsewhere. Oh well.)
Potions of extra healing, heroism.

Attitude: analytical, precise, most always considering tactical and
strategic effects of actions, which doesn’t keep him from appreciating a
good joke. Used to be LG (all cavaliers start good) but tends to follow
orders and duty regardless of the effects (women and children? Lead ’em
less) which has taken its toll. ]

Didn’t interact much with Kym; their styles weren’t very compatible… but he
loves her and is very proud of her.

Lossien is the older brother of Kymballah and a cavalier in ther service of
the Knights of the Hart.


Older brother to Kymballah

Lossien Matandra

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