Lazarus Lordovar

Leader of the elven group, The Hand, this once protege of Maxximilian Thornblade completes the most difficult missions for the Queen of Celene



Str 14
Int 14
Wis 10
Dex 16
Con 10
Chr 12
Com 10


The first apprentice to Maxximillian B. Thornblade, Lazarus found himself in constant danger. However, he learned quickly and soon found his own rhythm which allowed him to survive his apprenticeship. One of a long line of sons of house Lordovar, Lazarus was free to indulge himself in the adventuring lifestyle.

Lazarus now serves as the leader of an elite elven mercenary group called “The Elven Hand” or simply “The Hand” which consists of 5 multi-classes elves. They serve as a strike force of sorts to handle issues in Celene that would normally be handled by adventurers anywhere else in the Flanaess.

Lazarus Lordovar

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