Jet Laforce

The Lady in White, Hierophant, Dragonkin, Child of the Wanderer, Bearer of the Bloodright


Name: Jet Diety: Lugh Race: Human Alignment: Neutral
Class: Druid HP: 99 Level: 17 Experience: 4,326,742
Age: 35 Height: 5’6" Weight: 135 Ethnicity: Oeridian

Str: 14 Int: 16 Wis: 20 Con: 15 Dex: 16 Char: 18 Com: 16

AC Cloud Dragon Armor: 0
Kilanen’s Shield: +2, +3 if worn while wielding bladed weapon
ring of protection: +2
cloak of protection: +2
DEX: +2
bracers: AC 3, worn at night
TOTAL daytime: -4/-8/-9
TOTAL nighttime: -1/1

Combat THACO: 10 Weapon: +3 Scimitar (Dragon’s Claw) Attack: 2/round Damage: d8
Special: additional d6 for first successful attack per round, save vs magic
Special: 2/day, shocking weapon d8 + level

Saving Throws Poison/Death/Paralysis: 4 Petrification: 7 Staff/Wand/Rod: 8 Spell: 9 Breath Weapon: 10
Bonuses Druid (Lightning or Fire) +2, Wisdom +4, Ring of Protection +2,
Cloak of Protection +2, Kelanen’s Shield +1 or +2 when wielding a bladed weapon.
Immunities from Wisdom cause fear, charm person, command, friends, hypnotism,
Hierophant Druid Immunities Poison, including monster poison

Draconic Abilities boon from rescue of Celestial Dragon Wen Tau, Dragon
breath – any form (damage – druid’s HP), Celestial dragon form with dragon attack
(claw d10/claw d10 if both claws hit, can bite 3d12, can entangle for
constriction and automatic hits) and locomotion – flight

Items Normally Carried or Worn

Highly Visible Cloud Dragon armor, white druidical vestments (tabard),
Kilananen’s Shield (+1 normal, +2 if wielding a bladed weapon),
Dragon’s Claw Scimitar, white Cloak of Protection +2,
Druid’s Aid Torc, Taball-Lorg Staff tattoo, Janitor’s Harness

Jewelry left earring Pearl of Wisdom from Mordenkainen,
right earring Sym’s Bloodstone from Max,
left arm bracelet from Hierophant Anita the Red,
left hand Ring of Protection +2,
right hand Ring Tower of Iron Will,
left hand non-magical wedding ring,
Star Amulet – to locate/talk to Aramath and other party members

Backpack 85 goodberries, extra spell components, 5 light bombs,
50’ rope, clean clothes – adventurer, clean clothes – minor nobility,
1 glass-steel dagger, 1 silver dagger, 10 spikes, hammer, flask of oil,
vial of holy water, and wineskin of finest wine and a cup dedicated to Lugh,
Decanter of Endless Water.


  • 7 x Cure Crit
  • 2 x Confusion
  • 3 x Neutralize Poison, 3 x Cure Disease, 1 Cure Crit
  • 7 x Transport Via Plant
  • Call Lightning, 2 x Cure Light, Detect Magic
  • Plant Door, Transport via Plants, Cure Critical, Pass Plant, Locate Plant
  • Dispel Magic, Anti-Animal Shell, Anti-Plant Shell, Turn Wood, Repel Insects
  • Protection from Acid

Leather Spell Component Pouch spell components, 1 light bomb, 1 sleep
dust capsule, 1 enhanced poison ivy bomb, 1 flour bomb, itemized
stone statue, itemized bunch of 17 staves, itemized fuel air explosive from Talia.

Details on Major Items

Cloud Dragon Armor AC 0, regenerates damage in one week,
spirit-bound to the wearer.
Gaseous Form 1 turn, 3/day, -3 AC, 50% magic resistance.
Exhale Blast of Air 1/week, damage 1/3 HP of druid, large
objects save versus crushing blow or break. No save unless at edge of air
blast, otherwise save for half.
Wind Walk 2/week as cleric spell, for 14th level priest.
Gust of Wind 1/day, 16th level use, 1″ × 1″ × 1″/level, blows out
torches, fans large fires outward 1"-6", affects flying creatures.
Summon Dragon Claws 2 hornblades which regenerate, act as +2 daggers,
can attack twice per round at no penalty.

Torc of Lugh’s Hound: 3/day, summons a 54 HP hound (6d6+6), immune to non-druidic magic and psionics, AC 3, One attack bite 3d6, Special attack: if HP
drops below 27, 25 percent chance of becoming a fiery will-o-wisp doing 6d6
fire damage and causing 3d6 fire damage to opponents who strike with a short
range melee weapon.

Taball-Lorg, The Staff of Storms 25 charges
Mark of Power (Free) transfers to a tattoo on the Druid’s hand
Create Electrical Charge (Free) creates a charged area that mimics the conditions
necessary for a Call Lightning spell to be cast – even underground
Electrical Shield (1 charge) Sets up electrical field on the wielder, causes any one touching it with a conductive melee attack weapon to suffer 1d8 + 12 hit points of
electrical damage. Multiple hits in one round will cause damage per hit.
Protection From Lightning (1 charge) Grant half protection (4 pts per level) to a single creature for 8 hours.
Electrical Cage (2 charges) Creates a 20 ft electrical cage moving with the caster.
Creatures passing through the cage take 6d8 damage with no saving throw.
Invoke Lightning (2 charges) If the conditions are present for a Call Lightning spell, the wielder can choose to Invoke Lightning, which summons electrical energy stored in the staff.

Shui Jing Lung is an animated luminescent crystal shard.
It currently has 2 forms: human (8 HD) and crystal earth dragon spell-jammer ship.


Jet started as a first level human druid. She adventured with Sym the Slayer (half-orc assassin), Eljay (elven mage), Maximillien B. Thornblade (half-elven fighter, magic user, thief), and Thyvar (elven fighter mage). This group was one of many sponsored by Jebediah, Sage of Greyhawk.

Over time, the group evolved. At various times, we were joined by Kymbala Mahala Matandra (female elven ranger mage), Aldeberon Orion (elven fighter magic-user extraordinaire), Anatoli Bridgewrecker (gnomish thief illusionist), Tarl Ironhelm (dwarven fighter cleric), Talia (female gnome fighter tinkerer), Merth Geldwin (bard), Flame (monk), and ?? (druid illusionist – davide’s character) joined.

At other times, characters left.

  • Max left at various times to join or start various evil groups, including the Iuz Fear Masters. For a while, he worked for Agramopheles (legendary lich), and for Iuz (as the leader of the Fear Masters). Max was killed several times, sometimes by us, most recently by Iuz.
  • Sym was killed by the orc god, Grummsh. After his death, he reappeared as several NPC incarnations, eventually being worshipped as a god. We think he ascended to demigod the last time we killed Iuz.
  • Thyvar left to be a member of the elven court.
  • Kymbala was killed by Max during one of his evil phases. When we tried to restore her (several times), she was so cursed she could not be completely restored and she never rejoined our group. She is currently married Melf Brightflame, heir to the throne of Celene.
  • Eljay became the leader of the Greyhawk Camera Guild. Later, he became an agent of the Blue Mage. After that he became the president of the University of Critwall. He married Adrianna, the high priestess of Boccob.

Currently, Jet is married to Aramath LaForce, leader of Caer LaForce and Baron of Northern Aerdy. Originally, his family lived in a different Prime Material Plane – Thera. He and his two brothers escaped/were sent to this world to avoid the slaughter of all Bloodright on his home world. He was protected by the Amulet of Kings, currently incarnated as Regis Pellucidar. Aramath was the head of the Silver Guard, an elite mercenary team sponsored by Jebediah. He was also a major player in the wars in the Shield Lands, battling Iuz. Jet and Aramath have twins, Clarence and Alexis.

Jet Laforce

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