12th level Monk
Lawful Neutral

STR 13
INT 13
WIS 16
DEX 16
CON 15
CHR 12

Slippers of Kicking
Ring of Protection +3
Burning Hilt “can create any bladed monk-usable weapon. The blades are afire and do +1 damage”
Scarab of Protection from Magic


Hailing from the great kingdom, Flamdwyn was born a princess to one of the royal families that was not loyal to King Ivid IV. After 8 years of their defiance, Ivid had his revenge and assualted their castle, systematically killing all of the royal lineage. The castle mage sensing that this was the end cast a powerful spell that swapped the memories of Flamdwn and her slave girl assistant that had been raised with her. When the enemy arrived, they slew who the slave girl thinking it was Flamdwn. Flamdyn escaped and eventually found herself at a monastary where she was trained in the monastic arts.


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