Eljay Oakthorn

Skilled Warrior and Wizard that has settled down to run a mages guild.



Half-high elf 5’9" 140lbs. 50 years old
14th level Magic User/ 14th level Fighter
HP: 66 THACO 14

Physical Stats and saving throws:

Str: 9 paralyzation,poison,death magic 5
Int: 16 petrication,polymorph 8
Wis: 18 rod,staff,wand 7
Dex: 19 breath weapon 11
Con: 16 spell 8
Chr: 10
Com: 13

Weapon proficiency: longsword, dagger, heavy crossbow, shortsword. staff
[Nonwep penalty -2]
Non-weapon profciency: swimming, chemistry
Languages: standard as per half-elf

Boots of Flying MC: A
+3 Buckler
+3 plate mail
+3 dagger
+3 longsword, frostbrand
wands of magic missle
wand of fire balls
wand of lightning
wand of illumination

A lead potion box that is designed to make it difficult to neutralize his potions with a
dispel magic.

A speical heavy crossbow with double bows so as to be able to fire twice without reloading.
It takes twice as long to reload since the bows must be cocked independently.


Eljay could easily pass for a human were it not for his pointed ears. He stands 5’9",
moderate of build with black hair. He has no facial hair at all and keeps the rest of his
hair neatly trimmed. He has a playful air about him that belies his rugged looks.

Eljay is a multi-classed Fighter/Magic-user but started out as a Ranger/Magic-User. He
believes that the ends justify the means and that eventually led him to actions which
stripped him of his good alignment and left him as a fallen ranger. He holds no resentment
though and still pays homage to his old deity Ehlonna as well as his new one, Erevan Ilesere.

Eljay started off his adventuring career as the person that never looked before he lept. He
is quite infamous for getting himself into situations that he cannot get himself out of.
Sometimes taking the entire party with him. His is fond of casting spells that have large
areas of effect centered on himself and the party with the philosopy that he is tougher
than his opponent and will survive. The name GroundZero is partly given due to his
propensity for casting the Fireball spell at ground zero.

In recent years, Eljay has mellowed out tremendously. He spent 5 years as the guild leader
for a small magicians guild called “The Camera Guild”. During this time, he learned
patience and diplomacy. The Camera guild was later absorb by the official Mage’s Guild of
Greyhawk and he was appointed as a sub-guild leader in charge of mergers to help his
members adjust to the new rules. During this time, he came to be respected for his abilities
as a magic user and managed to completely avoid the derision normally associated with
multi-classes magic-users.

Eljay loves straight forward spells that deal damage such as Magic Missle and can always be
found with a minimum of 2 scrolls with 7 spells each at his disposal. He also tends to
memorize at least one Fireball and Lightning Bolt spell per day.

Eljay functions as one of the “main guns” for Ground Zero. He wears plate mail and gleefully
wades into combat. He wears a highly magical buckler on his off arm and a dagger as well in
which he fights florentine so that he can take advantage of his opponent when the
opportunity finally presents itself. His sash of fire giant strength makes him a very
formidable opponent in a melee. Most opponents forget that he is a magic-user!

Eljay is a skilled potion maker. He has over 2 dozen recipes that can consistently make
potions. Everything from super-heroism to speed to undead control. He has several
alchemists on retainer and studies with him on a regular basis. He has a special lead-lined
potion holder in his standard gear with a minimum of 8 potions on his person at any time.

Eljay is the son of an the man that would one day become the Mage of the Valley and a
distant female cousin to House Lamajere, the royal family of the elven nation of Celene.

Eljay Oakthorn

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