Ulathor BKA Dr. Derro

Derro researcher with a gruff demeanor. Teaches at Ravensbluff University


Ulathor is a Derro savant who had been a slave in an illithid military camp. The illithids were apparently engaged in a war with the drow over mining rights. After a blitzkrieg attack, Ground Zero freed the slaves and left with Ulathor and his fellow Derro slaves. When Ground Zero left, Ulathor decides to leave with us. Fo reasons that Ulathor doesn’t understand, the above wolders took him and even seemed to trust him. However, he is old and lost out of time (he is old for a Derror and his city was destroyed hundreds of years ago). Everyone that he knew is dead or gone. He accepted their generosity begrudgingly as he didn’t know what else to do. He has managed to recreate his crystal research lab and resume is work.

He is not happy that Jet has reformed Crystalos in its current form and he hates helping her. He has of late refused to do any help unless Shui is allowed to work with him one day a week as his assistant.

Ulathor BKA Dr. Derro

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