Dharma Coppervein Ironrock

Talented miner, explorer and spouse of Tarl Iron Rock


Dharma Coppervein
7th level Fighter

Str 14
Int 12
Wis 10
Dex 12
Con 16
Chr 15
Com 14


Dharma Coppervein of Clan Coppervein has gotten Stoneheart Coppervein, the patriarch of Clan Coppervein, to agree to fund Tarl Ironrock’s expedition to found another Dwarven city near in the lands controlled by Greyhawk.

The city is named placeholder in Dwarven which translates to “Bloodhaven” in Common.

There were approximately 170 dwarves in the original expedition with approximately 20 more arriving each month. Tarl has set up mining operations and forges to process the raw ore that is extracted. The mining community is now up to 700. Tarl’s mother is the current mayor.

Dharma is now married to Tarl and handles daily maintenance of the mining operationg in Tarl’s absence.

Dharma Coppervein Ironrock

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