Deadly assassin and priest of Iuz the old, this thoroughly wicked man lives to cause pain for others.


Human. approximately 5’10. 160 lbs. High level asssassin and low level cleric of Iuz the Evil. Now apparently working freelance.


Desaad is quite possibly the most cruel person to serve Iuz. Recruited for his ability to develop new and horrofic new torture methods, Dessad was already a notorious assassin in the western lands of the Flanaess. While he found the tenants of Iuz’s religion to be in line with his own, he strongly disliked the priests that served. It was not until he was personally approached by the Demigod himself did he offer up his services. He rose quickly in the ranks but was stopped when Althea and Halga both realized that he would most likely replace Patch as the new high priest and demote them both.


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