Master scout for the forces of Geoff during the Great Giant Incursion


20th level Ranger
240 lbs
HP: 125

Str 18/67
Int 14
Wis 15
Dex 18
Con 18
Chr 15
Com 12 (-2 due to scar on right eye)

+4 Leather Armor
+4 Bastard Sword
+3 short sword
Light Crossbow of speed
12 +3 bolts
3 potions of Extra-healing
2 potions of gaseous form
Ring of free action
Ring of Spell Turning
Gloves of Missle Snaring


Beauregard has served as a scout for the forces of Geoff for the last 20 years. He specializes in missions deep behind enemy lines where his skills as a ranger have allowed him to move unseen and inflict massive casualties against humanoid armies. He distrusts those that would lead from the rear and respects tactics and strategy above all else. He has trained numerous other rangers and is well recognized as one of the greatest warriors on the west part of the Flanaess.

One of Beauregard’s last students was Maximus Elrod.d


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