Beodar Thornshield

Champion of Elira Nevasere and High Cavalier of the Kingdom of Celene


Beodar is a 5’10" red-haired half-elf of slender build. He is a multi-classed cleric/Magic-user of substantial level. He worships the Elven god of War, Elira, who only reveals herself when the Elven Nations are threatened.

Maxximilian Thornshield
12th Cleric / 12th Magic User/ 14th level Fighter
Half-high elf 5’10" 145lbs. 70 years old.
HP: 66 THACO 12

Str: 15 paralyzation,poison,death magic 5
Int: 14 petrication,polymorph 8
Wis: 18 rod,staff,wand 7
Dex: 12 breath weapon 11
Con: 16 spell 8
Chr: 15
Com: 12
Disintegrate: Skeleton, zombie, ghoul, shadow, Wight, Ghast, Wraith
Turn automatically: Mummy, Specture
Vampire: 4, Ghost: 7, Lich: 10, Special: 13
Weapon proficiency: club, mace, staff, sling, dagger [Nonwep penalty 3]
wand of magic missles (47) ring of the ram (12)
Bracers of defense AC 3 ring of protection +2
+3 buckler +3 mace
ring of fire resistance Figurine of wondrous power: serpentine owl
gloves of the swashbuckler potions:speed,healingx2,giant strx2,poly self
+4 splint mail – 19,000gp +1 sling
12 sling stones
20 feet of rope 1 grappling hook
2 flour pots 1 canteen of water

Girdle of the Stalwart Protector (Cleric of Lira Nevesere)
Belt Buckle functions as a holy symbol, +1 to all saving throws
Uncuttable weapon frogs, purse strings, and attached harness
reduce encumberance by 75% for all items attached to belt
1/day protection from chaos/evil or dispel chaos/evil.
3 pouches per side (total six) which function as bags of holding.
Each pouch holds up to .5 cubic foot of items weighing no more than 5 lbs.


Read Magic Identify Charm Person
Write Protection from Evil Shield
Erase Thornbolt Enlarge

Magic Mouth Detect Invisibility Whip
Locate Object Shield Motes Web

Fly Fireball Tenser’s Deadly Strike
Lightning Bolt Dispel Magic Protection from Normal Missles
Item Martial Munificense Uncontrollable Sense Shock
Missile Multiplication

Fire Shield Wall of Fire Minor Globe of Invulnerability
Dig Magic Mirror Rary’s Mnemonic Enhancer
Nevermissing Missle Thornwall Spellmotes

Passwall Wall of Force Hold Monster
Thorn Golem Wall of Iron Bigby’s Interposing Hand
Mage Manacles Rock,Paper,Scissors

Disintegrate Tenser’s Transformation Mordenkainen’s Lucubration
Enchant an Item Greater Spellmotes Spectacular Spellcatch
Repulsion Chaotic Energy Touch

Truename Mass Invisibility Bigby’s Grasping Hand
Bound by Law


Beodar considers himself a master tactian. And will usually remain quiet until a combat plan is needed. He is a calm thinker and likes to play devils advocate when presented with a hard decision. His favoriate past time is listening to his comrades past adventures before he joined them as he no longer has any of Maxx’s memories. He sometimes has bouts of depression when reminded of his connection to Maxximillian Thornblade who he considers an unscrupulous thief although perhaps not outright as evil as he presumed.

Beodar specializes in defensive spells and magicks spells that bolster combat prowess. He serves as the backup healer and backup mage for Ground Zero. He has many custome cleric and magic-suer spells which Ground Zero have come to depend upon.

Beodar is an artificier by trade and spends much of this time designing devices both magical and mundane to help aid combat. He is most comfortable on the large scale battlefield where his experience can help the Generals ensure swift victory.

Though he is mainly a spell caster, Beodar is quite capable of defending himself. He is quite adept with various weapons. He is especially adept at sword and shield and has spent numerous hours being tutored by Maximus Elrod in proper swordplay and footwork. He prefers blunt weapons but is not averse to using his heavily enchanted sword of the ebon flame against tough opponents.

Beodar was executed for treason for kidnapping Queen Yolande. He represented himself at trial and seemed hell bent on having himself found guilty. He was successful and demanded summary execution by the Queen herself. The Queen had very strong feelings for Beodar. In a bizarre but strangely touching ceremony, Beodar aided the Queen in plunging the Midnight Blade into his own chest, thereby killing him. Any elf slain by the Midnight Blade is dead forever, all things elven stricken from their spirit.

Beodar Thornshield

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