Aslan, the Lion of Cuthbert.True of heart and strong of arm.


13th level Paladin of Cuthbert

Str 18/27
Int 13
Wis 17
Dex 16
Con 18
Chr 18
Com 15

Helm of Comprehending Lanagues and Reading Magic
Vest of Steel (AC 0)
+1 shield, +5 vs missile weapons
Mace of Disruption
+4 Defender, Longsword
Ring of Free Action
Ring of Spell Storing ( Heal, Cure Critical Wounds, Cure Serious wounds x2)


Aslan, the Lion of Cuthbert is a priest of Cuthbert that took up the holy crusade to defend the lands of Veluna and Furyondy from the forces of Iuz. He received the personal blessing of Cuthbert and became a paladin in his name. Unlike other of Cuthbert’s clergy, Aslan is polite, courteous and joyful.


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