Aramath Laforce

Captain of the Silver Guard and Baron of the a small part of the Greater Kingdom of Aerdy


Aramath appears as a man in his early 40s who is greying slightly at his temples. He is in excellent physical shape but still bears the scars of a veteran soldier. He usually wears chainmail when adventuring but otherwise can be found in the dress of a minor nobleman.
He has Brunette hair and brown eyes. He has of late tended to wear a mustache and beard in part to cover old wounds but also because he hates to shave.



Aramath was born to the House LaForce in the Sphere Thera. He trained as a mage. As a young man, his family was almost entirely slaughtered for their Bloodright power. He was sent to Oerth for his own protection and forgot much of his early life.

On Oerth, he struck up a friendship with Clarence, a young fighter. They adventured together for several years as part of a group sponsored by the Archdruid Taki. Eventually, a tough fight killed off all the group except Aramath and Clarence. Aramath switched to fighter, and Clarence became a priest of Celestian.

Aramath and Clarence started up a mercenary group, called the Silver Guard. Aramath was in command. Clarence was his second. Logan, priest of Kelanen, was third.

Under the effects of a Geas from Iuz, Aramath killed Jet with an Arrow of Slaying. After recovering from the geas, he went on a quest to retrieve her soul from the halls of Arawn. They fell in love, married, and had two children (Clarence Alexander and Alexis Xanade).

Jet noticed that Aramath’s memories of his youngest days was clouded. She used a Wish from the Wind Dukes to restore it. As a result, he decided to take his whole family back to Thera to rescue his sister, avenge his family, and restore the House LaForce. Once at Thera, he learned of the treachery of his brother, Malovar. Aramath, Clarence, and Alexis all die, due to the Bloodright-draining abilities of Malovar. Jet lives, but the whole Sphere appears to be caught in some stasis where only her presence appears to prevent the final, natural conclusion of the Bloodright cycle. She voluntarily relinquishes her power (and, she thinks, her life) to allow the cycle to conclude.

She awakens back on Oerth, with her family alive, but with the family having no memories of the trip to Thera.

The city of Greyhawk asks Aramath to become the Captain of the Guard. He agrees for a while, but then becomes unhappy with the politics. He joins the fight to protect the Shield Lands from the forces of Iuz. He recruits dozens of fighters, and organizes them as battalions under individual members of the original Silver Guard. (These fighters are known as the Silver Battalion.)

After the war with the Lands of Iuz appears mostly won, he decides to restore the abandoned ancestral home of the LaForces of Oerth. He and Jet build a castle there (Caer LaForce). He begins to organize the resistance to Ivid the Fourth, and the armies of Greater Aerdy.

Bloodright Fetishes

All Bloodright bloodlines can focus the power of the bloodline and summon a fetish. The fetish represents the total power of the bloodline. Currently, the focus for the LaForce bloodline is the Amulet of Kings. Before this, was Krysblavin. a sword of immense power. The hilt was steel with silver and gold quillions. The blade appeared to be of crystal and a silver vein ran down it. The blade was bastard sword in size, but easily wielded in one hand by a member of the bloodlines.
The Amulet of Kings is forged of Taemavaril and is enchanted to act as a guardian and protector of the LaForce family. The Amulet has a human form, Pelucidar Rex, a.k.a. Regis Pellucidar. Regis has the abilities of a 12th level magic user and a 12th level druid.

Aramath’s Heritage

Aramath’s memories of his family have changed over time. This appears to be due to tampering by the Amulet of Kings (a.k.a. Pelucidar Rex, Krysblavin, Regis Pelucidar). The Amulet says this is an attempt to protect Aramath. Anyway, the names of Aramath’s family have changed over time.

Ozymandias “Sire” LaForce – head of House LaForce
Rachael Covington – wife of Ozymandias
Ozymandias and Rachael’s children
Coromar, “Cory”, “Benovar” (41)
Aramath, “AJ” (35)
Malavar, “Mal”, “Malhavoc”, “Maelstorm Raehavoc” (30)
Ariel, “Angel” (25)
After the LaForces died/disappeared/left, their relatives and trusted advisors, the Covingtons, took over the land as wardens. The Covington family members are:

Torrell Covington, leader of the Covingtons
Damaskin Covington, Torrell’s wife and Rachael’s sister
Drake Covington, Torrell and Damaskin’s oldest son
Dirk Covington, Torrell and Damaskin’s second oldest son
Deena Covington, Torrell and Damaskin’s only daughter
Darin Covington, Torrell and Damaskin’s third son
Douglas Covington, Torrell and Damaskin’s fourth son
Farrell Covington, Torrell’s brother
Miriam Covington, Torrell’s sister
Savannah Covington, Torrell’s sister
Another prominent family is McIntyre:

Jolan McIntyre, Master of Arms of Castle Covington
Melissa McIntyre, Jolan’s wife
Mcarthur McIntyre, Jolan and Melissa’s son

The arch-enemy of the LaForce Bloodline is Raith Storm. He has successfully killed off several entire bloodright bloodlines and subsequently gained the power of those bloodlines. He thought he had killed off the LaForces, but the Amulet of Kings has thwarted him thus far.

Aramath Laforce

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