Angela Lanowar

Former priest of Iuz who has started a new life in New Critwall


While investigating a conspiracy plot linked to the Elven Lands (the Engagement of Kymballa and Melf) GroundZero came across an Iuz priestess named Angela (for those who don’t know, Iuz is evil and so are his followers). GroundZero captured the young priestess and Maximus aggressively interrogated her (he tortured her for information). His techniques were effective and they gained a lot of insight. She was so cooperative because she was forced in to a life of evil. She was born in the lands of Iuz and she was to serve Iuz or die. After the interrogation, he let her go.

The plot was foiled and Good triumphed over Evil, but the lost Angela stuck in his mind. Months later Maximus decided to rescue the Iuz priestess.

Maximus began infiltrating the Land of Iuz disguised as a merchant selling Goodberry Tarts. All the money he made, which was quite a bit, was funneled to Sym and his forces in the Shield Lands. After many months of asking around he finally found her. She was in the basement of an administrative building handling dried body parts. Her face and figure wore the scars of her service to Evil. Despite his disguise Angela recognized him and remembered him. She was afraid her torturer had come back. Maximus convinced the Iuz priestess that he was here to help her, “If you let me help you, I can take you away from the pain.” With nothing else to lose, Angela agreed.

Now What!? He has this Iuz priestess and no where to put her. He hid her with Sym for a while. But he needed someplace to put here and others like her. It was then that he decided to Sack Critwall.

Critwall was a piece of shit town over run by Evil. Its former glory disappeared after the forces of Iuz took over. Their God was dead, their leadership in disarray and it was located at the southern tip of the Iuz territory. It was ripe for the taking.

After a successful onslaught, the city was destroyed and rebuilt as Raven’s Bluff (or New Critwall, depending on who you ask). Angela and many of the youths of Critwall were instrumental in the planning and sabotage phase of the campaign. Angela now lives in Ravens’ Bluff. She’s the Head Mistress of the orphanage and she’s happy. Maximus stops by to see her and the kids every chance he gets.

Angela Lanowar

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