Anatoli Bridgewrecker

Source of Chaos and Button Pushing Throughout the Flannaess



Illusionist/Thief 16/18
54.5 HP’s
Chaotic Neutral
AC -4/-6 (with ring)/-7 (with movement from Bracers)

S 11 (18/00) I 19 W 14 D 18 Con 13 Cha 16 Com 13

Age 104 physical 116 mental (+6 alter reality) (1 potion of youth taken)
Height 2’ 10" Weight 59 lbs
Languages Common, CN, Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Kobold, Burrowing Mammal, Thief Cant
Proficiency: Sling, Dagger, S. Sword, Hand Xbow, Dart
Thief Abilities:
Pick Pockets 135% (145%)
Open Locks 119% (129%),
Find/Remove Traps 114%
Move Silently 119%
Hide in Shadows 114%,
Hear Noise 70%
CW 84.7%, RL 80% /20% misfr

Anatoli is a simple fun-loving gnome……HA!
No, really. If you consider chaos fun (and he does), then he’s your man.

He’s an unassuming gnome from simple beginnings who is working at mastering the art of Illusion while learning to hide behind the molecules of the air.
Based mainly out of Grossettgrottel near Greyhawk., he truly does enjoy exploring both of his classes. He’s floated back and forth over the years between spell research and exploring his roguish side, many times in competition with his old deceased friend Maximillian Thornblade (LONG LIVE MAX!)

Anatoli’s been many things over the years from vengeful spirit to jester to (yes) a god. Hopefully he has many more things to try his hand at. And who knows, maybe one of his many complicated plots to take over the world will actually work one day…


Noteworthy Items
Bucknard’s Gnomish Pouch “Phydeaux” – Anatoli’s most precious possession
Amulet of Life Protection (which he has had for more years than he can count it seems and has some unknowns still about it)
Ring of Invisibility – While it’s a standard ring, it’s been almost a part of him since his start.
Ring of Regeneration (how many times has Anatoli been ‘in the bucket’)
Codexkiller Thief Dagger – Cuts anything but leather
Nolzur’s Pigments – Anatoli’s not sure if this is an artifact yet, but being the original creation of Nolzur himself it might just be…
Stick of the Order – A recent what we believe is a relic, created by the sacrifice of the 4 arch-illusionists of the Order to contain Jumper.

Many Other Items are Listed Here:
Detailed List of Anatoli’s Items

Kodagnome Original Photo Log of Anatoli

1st 5; 2nd 5; 3rd 5; 4th 4; 5th 3; 6th 2; 7th (muahahaha) 2
Anatoli’s Spellbook

Innate Abilities

More co-conspirators and drinking buddies, the followers of Anatoli number in the hundreds. Known across the Flannaes, these are none other than…
The Roughriders

Anatoli also maintains a lab in Grossettgrottel for his mad scientist Uncle, Uncle Rasputin Bridgewrecker

A quick Anatoli Portrait Network story

For much of his history Anatoli had little use for religion, but semi-recent events started to change his perspective. He has since pledged himself to the service of Boccob, which he’s still trying to figure out. He’s not sure if it’s actually Boccob or Boccob’s most famous worshipper Zagyg which he’s actually pledged to.
A brief but interesting link to Anatoli’s seemingly second patron:


Anatolianus G. Bridgewrecker “SEGA

Clan Bridgewrecker’s naming is a source of family chagrin at best. Great-grandfather Albus had a well earned reputation in mining and construction. Chosen for a massive project, the building of a massive bridge over the Selintan’s Gorge to better connect Grossettgrottel with Greyhawk, this was to be his master project. Laboring for years with the majority of the town helping, the bridge slowly took shape. On the day of the opening ceremony Albus was to fix a seal to the middle of the bridge with a small hammer. As he struck the blow, gnomish and human dignitaries all around, a cracking sound was heard. As everyone ran the keystone of the bridge crumbled to bits, the bridge tumbling to the river below. The city fathers, embarrassed by the smear on the reputation of the gnomes, placed all blame on Albus’ shoulders, banning from any further projects and assigning the clan the title Bridgewrecker.

By the time of Anatoli’s generation, the clan was hanging on at the edges of gnomish society, frequently the butt of jokes for their name. So to Anatoli the life of adventuring certainly seemed like the best possible opportunity. He enjoyed learning illusions, and learning the skills of the rogue proved profitable.

He was soon out on the road on his own, exploring much of the Flannaes. At one point he found himself as a cabin boy on a pirate ship. Attending his captain at a poker game during a meeting of pirate captains, a magical bag of one half-elvin ship captain caught his eye. Later that night Anatoli snuck aboard that other captain’s ship and stole the bag from the drunk half-elf (one who turned out to be Maximillian Thornblade).

The bag he later discovered gave him a steady source of coins, more than he could steal. At the next port city he used his new funds to buy off his captain and head out on the road.

Some not too distant time later Anatoli found himself very successful and returning to his home. His adventures soon spread throughout the community, and the name Bridgewrecker was now becoming a mark of success among the gnomes. Thereafter one Jebediah Archangel approached him and introduced him to a group of existing adventurers. The Druid Jet Laforce, Aldeberon Orion Fighter Magic-User Extraordinaire , Tarl Ironrock, Eljay Oakthorn, and…yes…Maxximillian B. Thornblade.

Anatoli has been involved in some interesting and hair raising schemes over the years. Some are listed here:
Anatoli’s Circus Network in Furyondy

Anatoli Bridgewrecker

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