Aldeberon Orion

Elf Fighter/Magic-User Extraordinaire


STR:17 INT:21 WIS:12 DEX:18 CON:13(18) CHA:15 HP:69 (80)

Plate+4. +2 Wedding Ring (shows pic of wife); Rod of Magista.

Sword of Aldeberon (Extraordinaire): +4 Sword. On 17-20 Shocking Weapon goes off. At will can convert spells to hit points and AC. 2hps per spell level. Every 5 spell levels +1 to AC and THACO max of 20 per shot usable at will.

Sphere of Doom: -4 save or double range. "Geas"’ed to never assemble doom machine.

Book of Bocob, ring of Bocob, amulet of life protection, vest of items (row boat, 2 war dogs, glove of flame fist, robe of stars, bracers AC 0, pearl of wisdom, elixir of life and health, bracer AC 5,


Born into a tribe of merchants, he was “the one” the person who possessed the ability to be both a fighter and magic-user. Like all of his tribesmen, he was sent to the world to learn his craft but was to return upon reaching 6/6 and begin to learn to lead the tribe. However, he did something unprecedented, he got bit by the wanderlust. An inexcusable sin, his name was purged from the records and he was cast out. Alone, with nothing but the items he had accumulated, he continued to use his adapted name, Aldeberon Orion.

However, he later discovered that problems had arisen as the tribe tried to find a new leader, they were unable to. Al was forced to return home to confront his long forgotten family and his younger brother who was trying, unsuccessfully, to run the tribe. In an argument with his mother and the rest of the family, he made a revelation that changed everything: “If we worship and are chaotic by nature, why do we have such order? The 6/6 rule brings order and structure. Also, if Corelon has allowed me to go beyond our ‘nature’ who are we to question it?” Al is now the defacto leader of the tribe but leaves the day-to-day runnings to his brother. Putting the system back on track.

Throughout his travels he has traveled with many people, had many adventures, and a few losses. He is currently a memeber of Ground Zero, formerly Iuz’ Bane, married to Crysania, a dark elf (drey) who lives above ground and is 6 feet tall, and resides over his Barony, Questor.

Aldeberon Orion

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