Ground Zero

Aldebaran's Birthday Gift

May you always be happy

Aldebaran’s wife Crysania throws him a birthday party. We all attend. Al’s mother-in-law send hims a chest with a crystal ball containing what appears to be a baby will-of-the-wisp. He reaches for the card, which reads, “May you always be happy.” and everything goes dark.

Maxximus wakes up 20 years older. He is captain of the Guard to the Lost Temple of Boccob. He has a nagging feeling of something being wrong. Tarl is mining in Grossetgrodel as a favor to Anatoli. Aldebaran is head of the mage’s guild in Raven’s Bluff. The guild in Greyhawk went rogue after Iuz died and Mordenkainen became more direct in his manipulations. Magic is banned in Greyhawk. Mordenkainen went in the Lost Temple of Boccob. Eljay went in to stop him and neither have been seen since.

Jet is a grandmother of six and trainer of hierophants. Clarence teaches at the Gray College in Grayhawk. Alex is a ranger. Aramath
used the Silver Eagle to destroy Rauxis, He then built a new Rauxis which is ruled by Caleb. (Caleb was the young man who rescued Adam, the high priest of Hieronymous.

Beodar is King of Selene, and the Queen of Selene is raising their kids. Beodar solved the conflict between the grugach and the other elves.

The Cult of Sym the Slayer is made of half orcs and accepts all alignments. The fighter / cleric leader is called Slayer. The cult
only wants half-orcs to reach their full potential. Eljay married Arianna, the high priestess of Boccob.

Anatoli is the Ambassador of the Gnomish People. The gnomes have an army, a navy and the beginning of an air force. He freed the gnomes in the Nyr Div by destroying the Master.

Jet tries Sensitivity to Psychic Impression on the crystal ball the Aldebaran got for his birthday 20 years ago. She experiences the last
20 years again, more intense and important than anything else. Tarl and Aldebaran have similar experiences when they hold the ball.

Aldebaran tries an Identify Magic Item on the crystal ball and gets that it is stronger than a wish. Tarl uses True Sight to see that it
is a time elemental. Jet uses her ring of the time elemental and the elemental king shows up. He says that the time elemental in the crystal ball is bound to Aldebaran. It is both dying and being reborn at the same time.

Al figures out that if he wants to be back in time, that the crystal ball elemental will take him there. He starts to be unhappy because he moved forward in time, and the time element winks out. Crysania collapses. Aldebaran starts to remember being happy when he married Crysania and at the party and Crysania is restored. We believe the happy memories caused the time elemental to be reborn.

One week of down time. Aldebaran trains to become (ta! da!) a seventeenth level mage. We destroy the demon trapped in Beodar’s

We buff up and ask Stonedar to move us to the largest piece of the portal stone, which is in the basement of Castle Greyhawk. We port into a huge cavern with a cracked pyramid, stairs leading down from the ceiling, bioluminescent mushrooms from the underdark, a waterfall, and a huge fallen statue of Nerull with a skill and scythe.

Anatoli in Wraith Form investigates the pyramid. He uses his Wraith Form to scare the excrement out of a group of orog guards near the stairs. Maxximus interrogates the subdued guards. They are stationed there to make sure only their own forces use the path from the underdark to Greyhawk. Maxximus kills them and finds coins minted with the image of Grummush, the orc god.

We search and find some ledgers and notes. The author, Shirath is writing to Vayne, wanting to go ahead and attack Greyhawk directly, instead of sneaking around. The demon Utmar (orc cambion with enmity towards Anatoli, I think because of a card drawn from the Deck of Many Things) has been breeding orcs and demons to create the orog. The orog are smarter and more organized than orcs and do not shun the light.

A later author, of the house of Zanzibar Nomen, describes using the portal stone to launch an attack on the elvish nation.

Jet asks Stonedar to collapse the tunnel leading to the underdark. Stonedar does. He also points out a source of radiation from
something at this depth, which is “primal”. Maxximus decides it is too dangerous to investigate.

Beodar takes the records of the plans to the house Lamagier, to explain why the grugach have been attacking. They were mislead by the orog. Maxximus persuades the grugach that these orogs are minions of the drow. Between Beodar and Maxximus, a truce is arranged and some effort at reconcilliation is made.


The Gnome
Is there a way to time stamp this to tell when in the campaign these posts occurred?
Aldebaran's Birthday Gift
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