Ground Zero

The Marriage of Destiny and Fate



After our meeting with Despair, we knew that Fate was in the Land of Black Ice. So we head there. Jet tries Commune with Nature and gets hit with a 300 hp lightning bolt, also known as a clue-by-four. So we head to Haven (Bubbleworld) to recuperate.

The chimp bartender, Bobo, is talkative and sociable and asking for a girlfriend. Since he never spoke before, we are shocked. Anatoli figures out that Bobo’s new personality is somehow related to Bobo’s have acquired an aspect of Mitchifer. We convince Bobo to leave Bubbleworld and go to the World Serpent Inn.

We don’t see Bobo at the World Serpent’s Inn, we don’t see Bobo. Instead we do see that the Inn has been rearranged into seating areas. Each of us is drawn to a different table with the people we would most like to talk to, thus effectively splitting the party.

We do see Mitchifer, who tells us he has just gotten back from his bachelor party. He is planning to marry.

Maximus is drawn to a table of Sith, including Antarcus (the anti-ranger), some Tharziduun khelmane, and a ink-black human priest of Tharziduun. Jet was reminded of the inkstone that Maxximilien B. Thornblade’s mother used to make those eerie drawings. Maximus vents about his horrible life and how mistreated he is. The Sith are understanding and take his side.

Anatoli decides to lighten the mood by slapping Maximus with a towel. (Slapstick comedy. Haha.) This just makes Maximus angrier. He ignores Anatoli, and the Sith question why he puts up with this abuse. The gnome continues to antagonize. Eventually Maximus uses Telekinesis to body slam Anatoli. Anatoli continues to slap Maximus. Maximus draws his sword and attack, wounding the gnome.

Aldeberon attacks Maximus with Orion Missile. (Al has now spilled blood on the ground at the Inn.) Maximus’s return blow removes Al’s Diamond Skin. Al attacks Maximus again with Magic Missile. Maximus’s next blow removes Al’s Contingency Diamond Skin.

Tarl thinks that the fight might be instigated by something at the Sith table, so he tries to cast Dispel Evil through his Mace of
Disruption, striking at the Sith’s table. This has no apparent effect. Samshi goes under the table to see what might be there, and then decides that is the safest place to stay.

The next round, Maximus attacks Tarl. Anatoli smacks Maximus again.

Next round, Tarl says he won’t attack a comrade. Aldeberon casts Power Word Stun against Maximus, which succeeds.

Next round. Al puts up Walls of Force to separate the combatants. The ink-black guy takes the Walls of Force down. Since Maximus is stunned, Tarl tries to Plane Shift Maximus away to Haven. However, Maximus actually ends up at Angela’s orphanage.

While all this is going on, Jet is out of temporal phase talking to Anita the Red.

Next everyone in the room gets ready to celebrate the wedding of Mitchifer and his bride — who turns out to be Fate. Anatoli is the ring-bearer. He looks at the bride’s ring, and notices that it has an onyx gem, full of endless possibilities. (editorial comment – perhaps an octych?)

They ask if anyone has just cause to protest this union. The ink-black guy protests, and is overruled.

Anatoli summons Zagyg, who shows up and zips his mouth closed, Beetlejuice-style.

Mitchifer says his vows, and his bride puts the ring on Mitchifer’s finger. The bride says her vows, and instead of Anatoli handing Mitchifer the ring, Anatoli gives the ring to ink-guy. The ink guy puts it on, and says thank you. Then ink-guy throws the ring at the bride. The ring is now inert.

The ink guy says to the couple, “You have 24 hours to enjoy the honeymoon.” He leaves.

Now the group starts to brainstorm. Anatoli communes with the guards who have bound Jumper to the Suelese Scepter. Anatoli wants to release Jumper to help thwart the oncoming Armageddon. The guards point out the Jumper would not cooperate with thwarting Armageddon.

We think that we might be able to use the octich that belongs to Maximus. We look for him and Aldeberon finds him at Angela’s. Maximus sees him and slams the door in his face. Al knocks again, and Maximus slams the door in his face again.

Samshi leaves a message with Angela telling Maximus what happened since he left.


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