Ground Zero

The Krampus

Oh my goodness, it WAS the Krampus. He is the personal “pet” of Wotan, the now sleeping father of Odin and previous All Father of The Norse Pantheon. Somehow, Wotan has been awakened and with that, the Krampus. We managed through a serious of events involving a comedy of errors or is that an error of comedies to create a new Klaus who is the other side of the coin of Krampus who has the job of successfully targeting kids for the Krampus so he only takes the bad ones and then making sure that they are returned safe after they are punished appropriately.


After dealing with the events of “Inception”. We decide to head on over to our favorite hole-in-the-wall, The Crypt, for some cheap beer and free entertainment. Upon opening the door, we immiediately recognize that there is an issue because no one yells to close the door or throws anything in our direction. After entering, it is obvious the place is mostly desserted. The arkeep, Baldrick, explains that almost everybody that is anybody is off trying to complete a quest. Apparently some kids have gone missing. A few eye witnesses say that they have been kidnapped by something called The Krampus which is a beast from Nordic lore. A priest of Freya is offering a reard. The notice is posted at the Adventurers Hall so we head over that way. once there we read the quest:

Offering 5,000 gold pieces a person for up to 5 persons who are able to locate the missing children and clear the good name of the Norse pantheon. All or\ nothing. First one successful gets the reward. We decide to investigate and \ head to visit the priest. Her name is Astrid. She explains to her that yes, it does sound like them mythical norse beast but that the beast really is just a myth and doesn’t exist. Its a story used to scare children and that is all. She thinks someone is trying to frame the norse priests and make them look bad. She gives us the location of the last few missing children and we are off.

We then remember that we know a Norse cleric and go find him. We contact Fenris, a cleric of Uller who is training some acolytes north of Greyhawk. After we gather info from him about the Krampus, he volunteers to join us on this soiree. He said that his prayers said that he should help solve this problem but that he was to wait until the mystery came to him. He thinks we
are that sign.

After a lot of investigative work in both the Artisan’s Quarter and the Thieve’s Quarter with Fenris, we managed to find some kids that have actually seen what is going on and they give us more leads. Everything seems to indicate that whomever is taking the kids, is in the sewers. We head in. We are able to track over time slow. It takes both Maximus and Fenris skills to keep the trail. We eventually find a small shrine like area with what appears to be a door. Using Fenris skills to interpret, the thieves are able to disable all the traps that were around it. We then open the door. Which appears to lead to a pocket dimension. Maybe even totally off plan. We can see large footprints leading off into deep snow. Fenris recommends that we follow so that we don’t loose the trail. After a short discussion, we head in.

Its cold. And for some of us feels very familar, like we have been here before. BUt that could just be the eerie feeling that location was exuding. In any event, we travel forward following the tracks. We noted that the tracks got larger as if the creature were getting bigger, possibly a giant class creature.

We had a random encounter. out of almost nowhere, a very large wolf. I mean GIGANTIC appeared out of the snow in front of us. Maximus only came up to the first joint in his front leg. Maximus locks eyes with him to send the message that we are predators and not prey. The creature circles us a bit and stars at Fenris and then leaves. Aftwards, Fenris seems shaken. he mentioned that he had been thinking about his namesake, The Fenris Wolf from his pantheon and wondered if he were truly real. And then the Fenris Wolf shows up! He thinks we must be careful what we think about and believe in this place because it seems to have some affect.

Eventually we start catching up to the large creature. and it is similar to a satyr the size of a fire giant. he is mostly naked below the waste and is obviously male. He has large chains woven into his hair and a large sack thrown over his shoulder and we can hear the muffles cries of children from within.

We decide parley instead of fight. We ask the Krampus to let the children go as they are not nordic. The Krampus says that they must work in the mines for their punishment for being bad. It won’t kill them. After they learn their lesson, he will let them go. We explain that he has non-norse worshipping children and they aren’t as touch and won’t survive. He ignores us. We engage. The Krampus summons harpies to help him. But they were larger than normal and much more intelligent. We remembered that most creatures in the Argardian related planes are tougher and bigger than normal and we deduce that we are somehow close to that plane. We decided the goal is to get the kids, not to fight the Krampus so while Maximus and other engage him, the thieves try to get the bag. The Krampus’s uses his hair chains to enntangle Samshee when she approaches him from behind. Anatoli cuts Samshee loose with CodexKiller but she is still engangled. Krampus also exhibits other abilities that seem to indicate that
he is a power of some sort and not something we can just kill. While engaging him we talk and he gives us info stating that his master must tell him to stop and he is just doing what his master says. He says his master is Wotan and that he and Wotan were asleep. But somehow they were awakened and that is why he is snatching kids again. We decide to go and talk to Wotan. Samshee makes sure she takes the length of Krampus chain with her.

Since Wotan is a Norse we go to the World Serpent Inn to get some info on where he is. After talking to Hilda, she tell us how to locate Wotan’s Lodge. We go there and talk to him. He insists that lots of sleeping gods are awake now. Ant that he CAN’T stop the Krampus. the Krampus can only be stopped when the Klaus shows up signifying the end of their punishment. Wotan refuses to really help us further but complains that he was sleeping well and now has an
itch that must be scratched. He tells us to go talk to his Son, Odin now. Odin is the all father and only he can summon the Klaus. Wotan also warns us that other sleeping gods are shrugging away their slumbers but that all of them would rather be asleep.

We head to Big O’s place back at the World Serpent Inn. Odin doesn’t seem too happy about us telling him that Wotan is back and he seems even less interested in helping us with the Kringle. He finally gives us a scroll and says to take that his son and have him read it and everything will ok. We then go locate Thor. Who is in the middle of a serious drinking binge. Through some fast talking, Anatoli is able to get Thor to read the scroll. which summons a Santa hat. Basically the scroll says that whoever reads it must put on the hat and become the Kringle. Thor resists. And finally after exerting all his energy to resists, Thor reaches for his hammer. At that point, Anatoli grabs the hat and slaps it on Thor’s head. A transformation happens and the new figure is a much older, slightly chubby, and much more cheerful representation called Klaus. Klaus has a sword on his back. He looks at Thor’s hammer and then tosses it into the Lost and Found and then makes a comment about it being good to be back after so long and that there was much work to do. He then leaves. Within another week, the kids all show back up safe and sound. We are rewarded by Astrid and all is well.


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