Ground Zero

Oerth's Blood Part 4

Well … we poured a potion of sweetwater in the lake and it turned clear. A young man with a strong resemblance to Tasha /Iggwilv hovered over the water. Jet cast Purify Water and he screamed. He dissolved into a thin scum on top of the water. The scum came ashore and formed into copies of us. The started fighting us but the also attacked the sarcophagus. We defeated them but the sarcophagus was cracked and exuding cold. Jet used a hammer of flawlessness on the sarcophagus. This item moves a flaw SOME WHERE ELSE. We don’t know where. After that, the sarcophagus was no longer cold . The lich spoke to us again and said he would move himself, his lake and his city out of hexus ’ reach. Jet ‘s sense of nature was restored and we went back to the circle of bronzewood. The little girl was there holding her "mother’s " hand. Jet sacrificed Anatoli…..

Okay, no. No sacrificing. Jet asked if the pollution was gone and if the lich had moved yet. Mother said yes and no. We decided to follow the robot chicken pteradactyl and come back later to make sure the mine was really closed down.


VernardMartin VernardMartin

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